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Consideration Factor

Our attention is for the time ahead, a natural direction when it comes to Children as they are the future, however, we realise the need to go further and also ask ourselves of what future will they be entering?  Their world will be more developed and multi-faceted; as a result, they will need to build a strong foundation now. 

It is essential to acquire confidence and independence, attributes which are most successfully formed by the influences they study during the early years.


All knowledge stems and progresses from the basics and it is important to master these in a pleasant and peaceful ambiance, where they can realise their own potential and grow into a person who can actively participate as a citizen, colleague and friend.

This vision is our driving force, as they are the priority, ensuring that Children enjoy their Primary School years as a time of discovery and fun.  That they receive a high level of education both on the moral and academic point and that they move on as happy and positive individuals who are fortified with strong values for the challenges ahead.


Excellence and enjoyment come together at Warrens in a unique, fulfilling way for our pupils and teachers.

- Kim Davis-Edwards (Mrs) - Principal