Play & Discover Curriculum

3 Months To 2 ½ Years Old

Program Outline

Specialised care for Infants / Toddlers

Play & Discover

The process of early discovery, creates progressively suitable learning opportunities, supporting children to be confident, and to continually evolve.

  • At Warrens, we understand how very important the early years are to both you and your child.
  • This is a time of significant progress and change.
  • Children are swiftly developing new skills and concepts
  • We provide individual attention in a comforting setting
  • Age Group:
    3 Months To 2 ½ Years
  • Location:
    Nursery Department
  • Facilities:
    Full Care Provisions
  • Duration:
Infant Program Infant Program Infant Program
Infant Program
  • Their Development

    They are advancing gradually towards instinctive, intellectual, and expressive achievements.

  • With Progress In Mind

    Our curriculum, Play and Discover, presents calculated guidance blended with strong skills and practices that encourage personal abilities and flairs.

  • Full Support

    Our Early Years Coordinators are consistently with them, ensuring that children at Warrens get the nurture that they need and the productive learning involvements they enjoy.

  • Their Accomplishment

    They are assured of the logically stimulating prospects they are entitled to.

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