Busy Bees Program

18 Months To 2 ½ Years Old

Curriculum Outline

Essential Toddler Care for Early Childhood Development

Busy Bees

Our Busy Bees Toddlers program captures and supports a time in a child’s life which is full of wonder and curiosity. 

  • Their options are opening up to them and they are eager participants in an exciting journey.
  • We use practical and sound exploration and social interaction methods, in delightful surroundings.
  • Your 18 months to two-and-a-half-year-old can safely learn about their rapidly extending world.
  • Age Group:
    18 Months To 2 ½ Years Old
  • Location:
    Nursery / Infants Department
  • Facilities:
    Full Care Provisions
  • Duration:
Infant Program Infant Program Infant Program Infant Program
Infant Program
  • Expert Supervision

    They are guided through this experience by our proficient Early Childhood Educators, who ensure that Toddlers enjoy learning practices, which stimulate their developing independence and ability to communicate with others.

  • Positive Aspirations

    Our aim is to nurture self- confidence, so all Children can reach their full potential..

  • Dedicated Program

    This is a customised curriculum designed especially for Toddlers. It is tailored to take into account the individual stage and age of each child,

  • Peace of Mind

    Under the guidance of our care-givers, Children are able to progress, physically and emotionally in a fun and enjoyable setting.

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