Education Standards


Our Teaching Directive

The curriculum abides by the standards of the Ministry of Education.  It is studied on a regular basis, throughout all of its policies, practices and recommendations so that there are never any gaps in the delivery of information, as one class streams through to the next.

We support our Staff, ensuring they get everything they need to keep up-to-date.

At Warrens we enjoy a high sense of fulfillment, as our Children achieve very high levels and make their Families and their School, proud.  The progress they attain is a joy to be a part of, whilst we administer our regular assessment system.  This process ensures the progress of each Child, by guaranteeing them the individual appraisal they need, so they can be supported and guided through their training.

Proportion Ratios

We set high, age appropriate, educational standards from the earliest years.  We pride ourselves on providing an advanced and contemporary approach to knowledge, so that our Children can reach their full potential on a personal level. 

However, we are very aware of the necessity to balance the ratio, ensuring that no child ever feels under pressure or stress.  The children come first and learning should be enjoyable.

Today’s life preparation requires that we help our Children to unite their academics with their sense of civic skills, for lifelong success armed with the wisdom of their own achievements.

Excellence and enjoyment come together at Warrens in a unique, fulfilling way for our pupils and teachers.

- Kim Davis-Edwards (Mrs) - Principal