Character Development


Virtues & Values

Included flawlessly into the regular school day, this is our unscheduled program, a continual standard which becomes natural, aimed at building character and helping our Students to become good people who are kind, respectful and honest citizens.

Students are reminded to practice good manners; it is essential that they address their peers, adults and visitors politely. 

They are expected to ask courteously for their wants or needs and to acknowledge others with "thank you" and "you are welcome".  Students are also asked to consider other people's feelings and to refrain from speaking/thinking negatively about others.

Our Guideline

The Joseph Institute of Ethics classifies” Six Pillars of Character®”:


For young minds, honour and conscientiousness also play a large part in addition to supporting their inner courage and other virtues, which will help them to not only be upright people but also strong and confident for themselves and others.

We endeavor to provide all Children with the supreme Warren’s ambiance, where they can study in a beautiful & peaceful environment.  We teach Children to avoid conflict and equip them to resolve it in any event of an occurrence. Strong preparation for their adult future and enhancing their moral literacy.

As they are guided through there academics, so are they guided in the course of their character building, with this “hidden” curriculum.


Warrens Primary School is a unique, vibrant and stimulating place in which pupils enjoy their learning. Our aim is to give each pupil an excellent education in a safe and friendly environment.

- Kim Davis-Edwards (Mrs) - Principal