Sports Program


About Physical Activity

At Warrens we provide a varied Sports Curriculum, for all Children.  Whilst we enjoy the favourites like Football and Swimming, we also see beyond games, additionally focusing on fitness, exercise and bodily control, including new opportunities like Tae Kwondo, to set them on a path to a healthy lifestyle.  The aim being lasting participation in effective, physical activity, with a sense of responsibility for their own wellbeing.

We incorporate the latest methods; Children no longer just register P.E. time, the program teaches them to understand the reason why they need to be active and encourages them to include exercise as a regular interest, which comes naturally, while having fun at the same time.

Participation in Sports teaches them to communicate with others and work within a team, also to push themselves in a friendly, competitive way to reach excellence. This is effective groundwork, to prepare them for life challenges as they go forward.

We promote Sports at Warrens as we endeavor for Children to develop an understanding, from a very early age, of how to succeed, how to appreciate, work towards and accept success. However, not everyone can always win so we also encourage them to accept any even of such, with dignity and courage, seeing it as an opportunity to come back stronger, building character and confidence.

Form & Variety

Not all physical adventures are competitive in the Program.  The development of core movement is vital to Children.  It enables them to extend their balance, agility, motor skills and co-ordination, individually as well as by working with others.

Our Exercise Programs are instructor led to ensure that every Child is presented with a Course which fits in with their individual abilities and limits, in a safe, monitored manner.

This is an enjoyable time and we are fortunate to share it with them.


Warrens Primary School is a unique, vibrant and stimulating place in which pupils enjoy their learning. Our aim is to give each pupil an excellent education in a safe and friendly environment.

- Kim Davis-Edwards (Mrs) - Principal