Language Arts

3 ½ To 11 Years Old
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - In Session

    • Innovative Teaching / Learning

      Primary School

      Our Language Arts syllabus is inclusive of general English, Composition and Spelling Comprehension, Reading and Phonics (the ability to hear and identify, as a method of improving and teaching reading).  Our environment is rich and informative, encouraging Children to develop the values exemplified in the written texts which are studied.

      Course Specifics
      • Minimum Entry Level:
        From 3 ½ Years Old
      • Maximum Level:
        Up to 11+ Exam
      • Location:
        Primary Department
      • Duration:
        45 Minutes Per Class
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - In Session

    • Structure & Strategy

      Our reading practices are shared so as to mutually enjoy the experience.  We further require that all Pupils read a minimum of 20 books for each academic year.

      We regularly evaluate each child, which is centered on the abilities which they currently reveal.  With this information our tutors design a schedule which features practice assignments and learning activities which will ensure that your Child reaches their full potential.  This will increase their confidence, desire and ability for self- motivation.

      Course Philosophy

      We firmly believe in this technique for many aspects, as creative writing in particular is a very personal venture, the style is very much like fine art in that it is unique to every person; as a result, a tailored approach is the best form of guidance for the best possible examination results and life success.

      The process

      First we enlighten and encourage them to realise what an exciting and enjoyable world the Language Arts can open up to them.  Then we concentrate on planning and structure, introducing the importance of essential phrases and good writing procedures.  We emphasise the value of learning by your mistakes and using that information as a positive drive, to constantly improve.

  • Results

    With effective reading and writing techniques, our Students can successfully communicate their thoughts through, the written and spoken word.

  • Benefits

    The ability to read well and have a good command of the English Language is an essential asset for any Student. It improves and facilitates any other subject which you may have to study academically.

  • Reading

    This is high up on the list because the more you read, the better and faster you improve. It is that consistent exposure to written words and their structure which enriches the mind and builds a strong vocabulary.

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