3 ½ To 11 Years Old
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - In Session

    • Numeracy Skills

      Primary School

      Significant importance is devoted to our Students accomplishing and comprehending mathematical concepts, procedures and abilities. It is vital to everyday life, the key to technology, engineering, financing, science and in addition, a basic requirement for job applications. A high-quality mathematics education for that reason, provides a foundation for calculating the creations around them.

      Course Specifics
      • Minimum Entry Level:
        From 3 ½ Years Old
      • Maximum Level:
        Up to 11+ Exam
      • Location:
        Primary Department
      • Duration:
        45 Minutes Per Class
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - In Session

    • Form & Strategy

      Mathematics is very powerful but it still has to be enjoyable. We promote a positive attitude by presenting the subject using the latest teaching methods, aimed at understanding as well as technique; incorporating activities which inspire and delight.

      It is of the utmost importance that Children become aware of the great impact Mathematics has on everyday life and learn how to apply it effectively.  They need to be articulate and confident in the basics so they can increase their skills at a comfortable pace.  We ensure that they grasp each concept before any move to new subject matter.  It is a very personal thing and each child’s pace is different.  However, no child will be left back and no Child will be held back. We accomplish this by keeping them at generally the same pace, through efficient teaching methods.

      Course Objective

      We involve the Children and make the learning relatable, as a result their interest is retained and they enjoy the subject.  Our Curriculum aims to provide Students with numeracy expertise which will equip them to essentially function and succeed in their future undertakings.

  • learning tables is very advantageous,
    in making intricate multiplication and division calculations
    simpler to achieve, at a fast pace.

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • At Warrens, we seek to cultivate a positive attitude
    to the learning of Mathematics and to assist
    Children to enjoy the activities associated.

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • Children now have a variety of different techniques
    for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • Accuracy and rapidity in the mental calculations
    of students, is indispensable, to
    support them with their written assignments,

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • There is always more than one path to obtain the correct result.
    We aim to find the right one which works for each Student

    Warrens Primary & Preschool

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