3 ½ To 11 Years Old
    • Developing Academic Success
      Library Time

      Developing Academic Success - Library Time

    • Making Sense of Their Planet

      Primary School

      The amazing world around us, is an abundance of wonder and learning.  Beautiful in its simplicity yet fabulous in detail.  Each part synchronised to work together in unison for effective functionality.  Science education is on hand to children in an age-appropriate, practical way, where they can understand their own observations, draw conclusions as well as appreciate facts and awaken their natural curiosity for more.

      Course Specifics
      • Minimum Entry Level:
        From 3 ½ Years Old
      • Maximum Level:
        Up to 11+ Exam
      • Location:
        Primary Department
      • Duration:
        45 Minutes Per Class
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - In Session

    • Environmental Awareness

      Our Students explore the many features of their surroundings, including nature, objects and animals.  They also experiment and investigate to find out the purposes of substances.

      Our Teachers have systems and techniques which the Children enjoy, which they continually develop professionally.  In this way the Students can realise for themselves that it is exciting and wondrous.  The goal is for Children to be immersed in what Science is, so they can be engaged with a positive attitude that it is the world they live in and that they too contribute.  They can relate Science to their everyday lives in an effective manner.

      Results & Benefits

      When Children enjoy their world, they become passionate about it and develop respect for the biological and the physical, with lifelong attitudes, values, and patterns of behavior toward natural environments. They learn to protect and sustain.  They have increased vocabulary and the ability to develop and refine their knowledge.

      At Warrens our “Discovery Activities” also gives them the opportunity to consider, respond, and think upon what they have learned, so they can cultivate full awareness.

  • Science is ..........
    Understanding about the world around us.

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • Open their interest ...
    To wonderous explorations

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • With added awareness of surroundings ...
    Comes confidence and positive direction

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • Mastering Science ...
    Increases future job opportunities

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • Science is never stagnant ...
    It constantly evolves and changes to suit the environment.

    Warrens Primary & Preschool

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