Spanish Language

2 ½ / 3 ½ To 11 Years Old
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - In Session

    • Increasing Their Potential Range

      Primary School

      Warrens Primary School has Spanish language instruction integrated into its regular curriculum. Pupils have one period of Spanish per week with their Spanish teacher who offers conversational Spanish. They learn by listening, seeing, touching, imitating and practicing. Pupils are taught with songs and games to make it fun and engaging, whilst also maximizing learning.

      Course Specifics
      • Minimum Entry Level:
        From 2 ½ Years / 3 ½ Years Old
      • Maximum Level:
        Up to 11+ Exam
      • Location:
        Primary Department
      • Duration:
        1 Period per Week
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - In Session

    • Details & Benefits

      Research shows that pupils who are exposed to a foreign language at an early age, are more successful at learning a language than at a later stage in their development. That’s why here at Warrens our pupils are taught Spanish as early as two and a half years.


      Learning another Language goes beyond strictly the speaking of an additional tongue.  It opens their mind to another culture, where they can discover the wonder of beautiful architecture, new types of vegetation, native animals, traditions, food and preparation concepts, history and so much more.  This encourages them to venture for further discovery and learn more. 

      This will enable them to have strong understanding throughout life, of different people whom they may encounter, how to respond to them and interact successfully.  Another Language is also a huge asset on their future prospects, never failing to impress on CV’s when applying for jobs; showing versatility and the ability and willingness to diversify and adapt successsfully to other settings.

  • "Sagrada Familia"
    - Temple of The Holy Family - Barcelona Spain -

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • Learning a New Language
    - Is exciting and Engaging for Children -

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • They Become Well-rounded individuals ...
    with knowledge of other cultures

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • Parents ...
    Share and participate in this adventure

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • The Course ...
    Stimulates the senses and opens their capacity

    Warrens Primary & Preschool

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