Information Technology

3 ½ To 11 Years Old
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - Library Time

    • Embracing Change

      Primary School

      Once the privilege of Secondary Schools, Information Technology is now a crucial part of the curriculum for younger Children. It is important to realise that IT is not computer studies or just about computers but more about keeping in pace and integrating within the ever changing world in which we live in, successfully, whilst adopting the basic concepts.

      Course Specifics
      • Minimum Entry Level:
        From 3 ½ Years Old
      • Maximum Level:
        Up to 11+ Exam
      • Location:
        Primary Department
      • Duration:
        Seamless Integration
    • Developing Academic Success
      In Session

      Developing Academic Success - In Session

    • Approach

      IT is integrated into the general curriculum as a support to enhance the Educational Programs provided.

      The computers and the other digital equipment are used as an integral part of the classwork, not an added activity that bears no relation to the rest of the curriculum.  As a result, the process enhances the subject and does not divert from it, simply meets the needs of 21st century pupils.

      We aim for students to become confident and comfortable with Technology without necessarily seeing it as a subject.  Children have access to up-to-date equipment which enables them to fulfil their goals.

      Information Technology helps the teachers provide a better learning environment, enabling them to extend our Children’s studying in a variety of innovative ways and catering for different learning styles.  Our teachers make use of an ever increasing variety of Apps, specifically designed for educational purposes, across all areas of the curriculum. 

      For the Future

      A sound understanding of IT makes it much easier for Children to find and manage information.  IT is one of the largest growing industries and to function in in the adult world, knowledge of IT is vital. With the widespread use of Technology in the home and workplace, it is important that Children can grow with the knowledge and skills to use it.

  • The impact that Technology imparts, continues to influence on almost every aspect of our daily lives.

    Warrens Primary & Pre-School
  • As pupils develop, they have access to a wide variety of Information Technology resources at the age-appropriate level.

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • We ensure students are being educated about the safe, responsible way to practice the use of technology, when online .

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • "Phonics" is just one area where Children benefit from the use of Technology

    Warrens Primary & Preschool
  • Phonics teaches children to be able to listen carefully and identify the units that make up each word.

    Warrens Primary & Preschool

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