Pre- K & Leaping Frogs

2 ½ Years to 3 ½ Years Old

Curriculum Outline

Preparation for Academic Success & Lasting Continuity

Pre- K & Leaping Frogs

The highly important stage of Early Exploration, supporting the specific needs of Children about to enter the next phase.

  • Our program acknowledges that pre-schoolers will soon be entering schools.

  • This is a significant passage that will place new demands on Children … They need to be ready.

  • Expectations will now be higher for both scholastic and communal performance.

  • Age Group:
    2 ½ Years to 3 ½ Years
  • Location:
    Preschool Department
  • Facilities:
    Full Care Provisions
  • Duration:
Infant Program Infant Program Infant Program Infant Program
Pre-School Program
  • The Transition

    At Warrens, our curriculum is thorough and all-inclusive, highlighting the principal core skills necessary for lasting success and a smooth transition to school.

  • Our Strategy

    The basics are the foundation from which great things emerge, lock them down and then individual talents can shine, to enhance and develop.

  • Support Structure

    We continually develop their growing reading and writing skills as well as language, maths and more.

  • Life Skills

    We incorporate “Planned Child Choice”, so Children have controlled options over what they do, this also prepares them for choices they will have to make throughout their lives.

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