3 Years to 4 ½ Years Old

Curriculum Outline

Ready- For-School Program


Prepare your Children to be “School Ready” with our wide-ranging program, designed to stimulate this exciting time.

  • We prepare Children to delight in this passage of discovery.

  • It is a time when they can further their abilities and the learning they have already achieved, to improve and cultivate.

  • With our strategically prepared program and teaching techniques, children are ensured a very significant experience.

  • The target is to practice for success in life as well as in school.

  • Age Group:
    3 Years to 4 ½ Years
  • Location:
    Preschool Department
  • Facilities:
    Full Care Provisions
  • Duration:
Butterflies Program Butterflies Program Butterflies Program Butterflies Program
Pre- School Program
  • The Preparation

    This key training will enable them to transition smoothly with the ability to form relationships with other Children and Adults as they move forward.

  • Subject Matter

    Richness and variety is provided to their experience, so that they become familiar with more and more subject areas

  • Positive Effects

    In turn they learn to develop their own personal expression by drawing on these situations and realising what areas interest them.

  • Our Attentiveness

    Our blended curriculum ensures that we pick up on both their strengths and any areas of weakness, which may require more focus prior to starting School.

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