The School Buildings

Key Information

Learning Facilities - Warrens Park North

Welcome to our Warrens Park North branch, situated in a peaceful and tranquil setting, with low traffic and ample surroundings.  This is Warrens ABC Preschool our additional facility, dedicated to the education and care of infants.


This single building facility is bright and inviting, tastefully decorated to honour childhood whilst encouraging a young, developing mind for exploration and learning.

The School is well organised, to see that Children have all the requirements necessary, for their comfort whilst learning. The layout is meticulously planned, to ensure that you as parents can be satisfied that their needs are suitably met.

With spacious classrooms, sleeping areas and appropriately prepped indoor play areas, Children can be assured of an enjoyable Warrens experience, complete with meal facilities and a gated outdoor play area.

Excellence and enjoyment come together at Warrens in a unique, fulfilling way for our pupils and teachers.

- Kim Davis-Edwards (Mrs) - Principal