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    Play and Discover

    Our curriculum, Play and Discover, presents calculated guidance.

    Butterflies Program

    The target is to practice for success in life as well as in school.

    Science Program

    Our Students explore the many features of their surroundings, including nature, objects and animals.

    Mathematics Program

    Our Curriculum aims to provide Students with numeracy expertise .

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Our Landscapes

To ensure that our pupils all receive a wonderful Warrens’ experience, there are two play grounds. One for our nursery and the other for our primary school. We also have a playing field which stretches the rear of our facility which is used for free play, football and P.E sessions.

Spacious and beautiful, our surroundings present a fabulous place for Children to express themselves and enjoy.  Well-manicured and equipped with great facilities, which are regularly maintained for maximum benefit and fun; we have designed it with delight in mind.  This enclosed school amenity is a secure, monitored area for Student use.


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